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Pupil Sphincter Muscle

Pupil Sizes


Miosis Pupil

atonic pupil


Normal Dialation of Pupil

Normal Pupil

Vertical Ellipses

Vertical Elipsis of the pupils
  Verticle Ellipses Example

Ventral Diverging

Ventral Diverging Pupil Ellipses
  Ventral Diverging Pupil Ellipses Excample

Frontal Diverging

Frontal Diverging Pupil Ellipses
  Frontal Diverging Ellipses Example

Right Oblique

Right Oblique Pupil Ellipses

Left Oblique

Left Oblique Pupil Ellipses
  Pupil Ellipse to the Left

Unilateral Ellipses

Utilateral Pupil Ellipses
  Unilateral Pupil Ellipses

Horizontal Ellipses

Horizonal Pupil Ellipses

Pupil Flattening

Pupil Flattening
  Nerves emerging from the vertebra of the spine

Atlas/Axis Pupil Flattening

Pupil Flattening in the Atlas/Axis
  Pupil Flattening in the Atlas Axis Example

Cervical Flattening

Pupil Flattening in the Frontal Temporal
  Pupil Flattening in the Frontal Lateral Area Example

Thoracic Flattening

Pupil Flattening Lateral Thoracic

Temporal Lumbar

Pupil Flattening Temporal Lumbar

Temporal Thoracic

Inferior Lumbar Pupil Tonis
  Pupil Tonis Inferior Temporal Lumbar
  Pupil Tonis Sacrum
  Pupil Tonis Sacrum Example
  Ventral Medial Pupil Flattening
  Pupil Tonis Medial Lumbar
  Pupil Flattening Medial Thoracic
  Pupil Flattening Medial Cervical
  Medial Cervical Pupil Tonis
  Pupillary Ruff


If you would like to submit Clear, Well Lighted Iris or Sclera pictures of the size of at least 1500 mega-pixels, please send them to MarysHerbs1@gmail.com. In doing so they become the property of this group to use on our site and classes.


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