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Pigmentation indicates toxins. The color lays on the fibers of the Iris or Sclera, not indenting it like a Lacunae. When I see Pigmentation I think of working with cleansing the body of toxins. The color of the pigment gives a clue of the best way in which the toxins can be cleansed.

Iris and Sclera Pigmentation and what it indicates

A very basic analogy of how toxins often settle in the less vibrant part of the body typically first.

Toxin settles in weak area - analogy


Pigment in Iris

Pigment in Sclera


Black Pigment in the Iris Not typically found in sclera


Not typically found - Note the blue in most eyes is natural and not considered pigmentation. Only deposits on the tissue is considered a pigment Bluish tint in the sclera


Brown Pigment in Iris of the Eye

Brown Pigment in Sclera

Brown pigment in the sclera in a lymphtic Iris is to be considered more significant

Brown Pigment in the sclera of a Lymphatic iris


Not Typically found in the Iris

Border Cloud in Sclera

Grey in the Sclera


Orange pigment in an Iris Typically not found in the Sclera

Florecent Orange

Florecent Orange pigmentation found in the Iris Typically not found in the Sclera


Typically not seen in the Iris

It is said that pink in the sclera indicates alkalosis, I personally think it can also indicate acidosis.

Pink Sclera


Indicates toxins in the blood. I do not have an example of this Iris sign.

Sometimes red lines in the Iris are vascularized trabecula but they are not considered pigmentation.

Vascularized Trabeculae

Red Wash of the Sclera example


White Pigmentation The Sclera should be white in color


Yellow Pigmentation found in Iris Yellow in Sclera of the eye indicating jaundice


If you would like to submit Clear, Well Lighted Iris or Sclera pictures of the size of at least 1500 mega-pixels, please send them to MarysHerbs1@gmail.com. In doing so they become the property of this group to use on our site and classes.


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